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Balanced Lifestyles

Cookie Time Limited is passionate about great tasting quality products made with premium natural ingredients. Our cookies, bars and bliss balls offer delicious tastes for every occasion, from bite-sized to big Cookie Time® treats and from energy boosting Bumper Bar®, Bumper Slice™ and Bumper Bliss Balls™ through to the nutritional balance of OSM® Bars and Bites.

We are all about real food, made with real ingredients. Some of our products – Cookie Time cookies and Bumper Bars – are perfect for a treat, while OSM offers nutritional balance in every serve. The nutritional information on pack will help you make informed choices from a portfolio offering alternatives from treats through to more functional foods. A balanced lifestyle is also important for healthy living. And finding out about health and nutrition can be fun and interesting. This page is a starting point; use it as a springboard to learning more.

What is a Balanced Diet?

Because all of us are different shapes, sizes and ages there is no one size fits all eating plan that will suit everyone. However there are some basic guidelines which apply. What is important is that we eat a variety of foods from all food groups, and that we balance the total calories we consume with our energy output. There is heaps of information out there to help you find out more about balance. Some of our favourites are available at the links below, including the Ministry of Health nutrition section which has recommendations on nutrition at all ages, plus information on physical activity. Also below you can find a link to the New Zealand Push Play campaign which was designed to inspire Kiwis to become more active, and to value sport and recreation as integral to their day.

What is the right type of fuel?

For many years, the Food Pyramid has been used as a guide to healthy eating. Recently, this was challenged with the development of a new version by the Harvard School of Public Health. While still emphasising the importance of fruit and vegetables, the new version distinguishes between different types of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

New Zealand Consumer magazine has a comprehensive report on the differences between the two pyramids, at the link below. In September 2011, Harvard nutritional experts followed up their food pyramid with the launch of a Healthy Eating Plate, which is a simple visual guide that provides a blueprint for eating a healthy meal. This is a user-friendly tool which is well worth a look.

What is the right amount of fuel?

Again this is a question that very much depends on the individual and size, shape and age. Most importantly it also depends how active you are and your energy outputs. If you consume more calories than you ‘burn off’ then you’re not in balance. Because calorie counts and the number and type of calories which are needed each day can be so specific to an individual, we are reluctant to point you to specific recommendations in this area. But we'd encourage you to carry out your own research if you are interested in knowing more about this area.