Cookie Time Limited

Fun Facts - Did you know

  • Approximately 300,000 Cookie Time cookies are baked each week in summer and approximately 500,000 cookies each week in winter?
  • Cookie Time cookies use 7.5 tonnes of butter per week? This equals 120 tonnes of milk per week which equals the amount that would be produced by 7500 cows! This represents the number of cows from 13 average Canterbury farms!
  • Some 9.5 tonnes of chocolate go into Cookie Time cookies each week? If you stacked all that chocolate up it would take up the space of a single garage!
  • Cookie Time Limited founder Michael Mayell first used a converted bacon slicer to cut king sized blocks of chocolate into chunks - the chocolate chunks at this size were so popular that they were kept that way!
  • That Cookie Time cookies use real eggs? A whopping 40,000 of them each week! In the early days we even had a team of fresh crackers!
  • That from 1983 to 1996, Cookie Time cookie dough was hand scooped onto baking trays using icecream scoops! This is how founder Michael Mayell first did it in the early days, and is the reason that Cookie Time cookies are the size that they are!
  • That in 1996 Cookie Time Limited baked the World's Biggest Cookie – a Guinness Book of Records feat? This giant cookie measured a whopping 487.15 square metres in area and 24.9 metres in diameter (that's one big cookie!) and we held the world record for 12 years!
  • That in 2000, we painted up a DC3 plane in giant cookies? The plane was turned into a cafe at Mangaweka in the North Island! Check out the pics in Cookie Muncher's Photo Album.