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One Square Meal

One Square Meal (OSM) is a patented, nutritionally balanced food bar, available in bite sizes that are perfect for snacking, or bars for a more substantial meal. With nutritional balance in every serve™, OSM takes the guesswork out of healthy eating with highest quality natural ingredients and great wholesome taste. No artificial flavours, colours, or refined sugars. Zero trans fats and non-GM soy protein.

OSM is available in three flavours – Apricot with Manuka Honey; Cranberry with Blackcurrant and Chocolate with Manuka Honey. And in two formats – bites and bars. In addition to being a nutritionally balanced snack, four bites also equal a meal, providing exactly one third of the recommended daily intake (RDI, as specified by Food Standards Australia New Zealand) of energy, protein, carbohydrates, fats and dietary fibre. Plus 10 vitamins and minerals. Likewise, the bar format provides a meal equivalent, with two bars equaling a meal.

OSM is patented as the first in a new class of nutritionally balanced food and beverage. Perfect for the lunch box, glove box, gym bag, desk drawer and emergency kits, OSM is the smart nutrition choice, anywhere, anytime.

Click here to learn more at our dedicated OSM website.