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OSM® stands for One Square Meal®, the world's first balanced source of energy, protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, 10 vitamins and 6 minerals, all in a tasty and convenient food bar!

OSM Bars and Bites give you nutritional balance in every serve. A true revolution in on-the-go nutrition, OSM is internationally patented as first in a new class of nutritionally balanced food and beverage.

OSM is available in four great flavours – Cranberry with Blackcurrant, Apricot with Manuka Honey, Chocolate with Manuka Honey, and Almond with Vanilla. OSM Bars and Bites use only premium, wholesome ingredients like rolled oats, almonds, Manuka honey and dried fruit, making them a source of protein and dietary fibre with no artificial flavours or colours.

Perfect for a busy, active life. OSM gives you plenty of options, from a balanced snack right through to a total meal replacement.

Click here to learn more at our dedicated OSM website.