Cookie Time Limited

Want to be a 2017 Christmas Cookies seller?

Since 1985, Cookie Time Limited has recruited students of all disciplines to run their own Christmas Cookies businesses for SEVEN WEEKS leading up to Christmas (with the rest of SUMMER OFF!). Positions are available across New Zealand, so wherever you call home, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity available.

Selling Christmas Cookies is hard work so we make sure the rewards are loaded up! The MORE YOU SELL, THE MORE YOU EARN! To spend on whatever you fancy – travel, new car, gifts, uni fees, study overseas, house deposit... 2016 sellers made $10,000* on average. Top seller made $24,000*

Running your business also equips you with key business skills that are invaluable for ANY career path. APPLY HERE for the hardest job you’ll ever love!

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*Seller earnings before tax